Cybersecurity company Resilience launches cyber insurance services

Resilience, which combines insurance and cybersecurity, has released its new program manager, which will focus on the mid-market.

Why Ransomware recovery solutions are must-have? | Cyber Resilience | Enterprise Security

Ransomware encryption and other emerging cyber attacks, such as zero-day attacks, continue to evolve, developing new methods to circumvent existing security controls. Traditional Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions were not designed for recovery from cyber attacks. It takes more than a product to be a complete cyber recovery solution.

Watch this video to understand why businesses must find solutions to restore business continuity with as little data loss as possible and as rapidly as possible.

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Cyber Resilience Framework | CyberSecurity vs. CyberResilience

The video highlights the difference between Cyber security and Cyber resilience. For next videos in the cybersecurity series, click on the link for VAPT video –

Cybersecurity on Business Resilience

This topic will cover the most significant points of Cybersecurity trends and future perspective. We as retail or business should be more informed about this Global Issue. Linkage of Cybersecurity and Business Continuity will be discussed as well. Additionally, the topic incorporates how the Cybersecurity is perceived in the mind of people.

The main parts of the presentation are:
• Cyber resilience trends
• The Link between cyber risk and business continuity
• What ARE and what SHOULD companies doing about the threat
• Lessons learned / case studies from recent attacks

Mr. Bevan Lane is a PECB partner and trainer. He has more than 16 years of experience as a consultant in information security, firstly with PwC and then as an independent consultant. Mr. Lane has also an extensive experience in information security risk assessment training and has implemented solutions for major organization across the globe.

Organizer: Gezim Zeneli

Date: October 12, 2016

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security tips — how I protect myself online

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Malware links in DMs, SIM swaps, phishing and spear-phishing attacks, account hacks, and social engineering — staying safe and secure online has become increasingly essential and exponentially more complex. Here’s how I try to handle it

The Passcode Problem:

Security vs. convenience:






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