Streamlined invoicing service Peakflo bags seed funding

Peakflo, which develops automation software to streamline invoicing, has nabbed $4.1m in its seed round.

Sending Funds Requests

New feature to allow you to invoice clients or suppliers for funds that are owed.

Streamline Invoice Matching with CloudTrade and Proactis

CloudTrade improves first-time matching rates in Proactis and other purchase-to-pay systems. And for many organisations CloudTrade is cheaper than document management / OCR alternatives.

Streamline for Invoices Demonstration | ITESOFT Insider View

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This demo includes:
⚫ Capture-as-a-Service (Capturing invoices from a scanner)
⚪ Invoice approvals (missing POs, incomplete orders.. etc)
⚫ Supplier Portal
⚪ Analytics

ABOUT Streamline for Invoices:
Hosted in the cloud, Streamline for Invoices offers genuine Enterprise quality solutions in a way that is accessible to more organisations than ever before. Reducing operational costs, reducing set up cost and time, enabling collaboration in decentralised or centralised teams, eliminating the burden of upgrades and costly maintenance and facilitating access to previously inaccessible data.

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Discover How to Streamline Your Invoice Process in Quicken

In this video, we are gonna do another Quicken tutorial. I’m gonna talk all about invoices and show you how to make invoices, receive payments, potentially utilize sales tax on your invoices, and a handful of the other ins and outs. Hopefully, you will find it helpful!


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Budgeting & Tracking Your Finances

Budgeting, Tracking Your Finances & Mapping out Your Retirement Plan

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