Multi-tenant cloud for small insurers Trailblazer Technology nets seed

Trailblazer Technology, which claims to be the first true multi-tenant cloud solution dedicated to smaller insurers, has closed its seed.

Why I Chose TenantCloud #TenantCloud #RealEstateSoftware #PropertyManagement

In this video I explain why I chose TenantCloud as my cloud based property management software solution along with how I use the software to manage my portfolio. Please use this link – for a free TenantCloud account (not a trial account) and see for yourself.

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TenantCloud Webinar: Introduction for New Users

Learn more about our end-to-end property management solution for your rental business needs.

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Cloud Concepts | Multi Tenant

What is Multi Tenancy?
Multi Tenant Architecture.

Differences between Dedicated and Multi-Tenant Clouds

Learn the difference between a dedicated and multi-tenant cloud environment. All resources should be dedicated to a customer to be a dedicated cloud. If the cloud has shared resources: like storage, network, firewalls… it is a multi-tenant cloud.