Insurance customer experience "sucks", says wefox

InsurTech wefox has published a report revealing a widespread dissatisfaction and lack of trust in the global insurance industry.

Inversores Kenjo | Entrevista a Julian Teicke CEO en Wefox

Why wefox’s Focus on Safety is a “Win-Win” in the Insurtech Space with Sergi Baños Lara

In some ways, the insurance industry is in the business of trying to predict the future. Insurance firms don’t have a crystal ball, but there are different ways to predict risk to determine your premiums.

As technology develops, insurance companies are finding new and inventive ways to predict behavior to calculate premiums. Already, insurance companies do this with car insurance. You can install a device that tracks how safely you drive, but some firms take this even further.

In this episode of Disruption Talks, Sergi Baños Lara, CTO at wefox, joins to discuss the growing insurtech landscape and how innovative insurance technology has become.

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WeFox CEO says company will empower, not eliminate the human agent

Julian Teicke, Founder and CEO of WeFox, joins Worldwide Exchange to discuss the company’s successful post-money valuation boost in the competitive insurance environment. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: 

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Customer Success: wefox Insurance

As Europe’s number one digital insurer, wefox is a mission-driven company. Their goal—to use technology to make insurance simple—informs the choices made on every team across the company. That includes the teams that build their APIs:

“We want to make insurance…fast, simple and reliable. And I always say to my engineering team that I mean… they have to be simple, fast and reliable when they create an API so they can live the mission of the company.”
– Sergi Baños, CTO, wefox.

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