5 ways MGAs and agents can thrive in a recession

InsurTech platform Novidea has offered five ways that independent agents and MGAs can thrive in a recession.

Land + 5% down construction loans are game changers… and how you could easily get rich during recess

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How to Survive the Recession in 2022 (Realtors Guide)

How to Survive the Recession in 2022 (Realtors Guide)

Here are my three tips on getting ahead of the incoming recession for Real Estate Agents around the country.

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5 ways disabled veterans can prepare for a recession

The disabled veterans community faces unique challenges when it comes to preparing for a recession. Many disabled veterans are unable to work, and may have difficulty accessing government benefits. Here are five ways disabled veterans can prepare for a recession.

00:00 Introduction
1:00 Recession survival tips for a recession
2:44 Expedited processing for Social Security disability benefits
3:48 How to get 100 VA disability rating
5:58 Individual Unemployability claims

�� Helpful resources for disabled veterans
�� If you are looking for medical evidence to prove your VA claim to include a diagnosis, documenting the severity of your symptoms or Nexus Letters, send an email to [email protected] (Please Include Your Phone #)

�� SuperCharge YOUR VA Claims Process and sign up for my Boot Camp at http://www.combatcraig.com

☎️ Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Lawsuits

✅If you need help applying for the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit, you can visit http://veteransaidandattendance.us

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